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Traffic chaos for our children

nick vikanderTo whom it may concern! I am writing to express my serious concern with the traffic chaos on a skolevej in Ørestad Syd:  Robert Jacobsens Vej, between Asger Jorns Alle and Ejler Billes Alle

One problem is the state of the intersection of Robert Jacobsens Vej and Asger Jorns Alle.

Last week, a young girl walked out directly in front of a car on Robert Jacobsens Vej, because building work makes the intersection so difficult to navigate. Thankfully, the car stopped in time, but it could easily have hit her.

At this intersection, new digging work from Radius pushes pedestrians to cross Robert Jacbosens Vej in the bicycle lane, rather than at the protected concrete island. Further construction blocks part of the sidewalk and the bicycle path, and also reduces visibility. Many cars turn here due to the nearby p-hus, and a Hørkram truck regularly double parks at the intersection during the morning rush hour. All of this, combined, makes the intersection a disaster waiting to happen. 

Another problem is that many cars now use the sivegade/mixed use area of Robert Jacbosens Vej to travel north-south, entering and exiting at Asger Jorns Alle/Ejler Billes Alle.  

This is because the main road of Robert Jacobsens Vej is now closed, with pushes cars directly onto the school route, where children are walking. The result is increased car traffic in both directions, much of it clearly over the 15km/h speed limit, combined with the heavy trucks going into and out of a large building site.

I ask you to take action to secure this part of the school route. Options include delaying the latest digging work at the intersection, advancing the time schedule for installing traffic lights, placing temporary speed bumps on the sivegade, or temporarily closing off the exit of the sivegade at Ejler Billes Alle to car traffic.

Nick Vikander is also member of Amager Vest Lokaludvalg (AVLU). This letter expresses his personal views.

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